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 (A unique form of holistic physical therapy)

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 – develop an income from a deeply effective practise, which fills a vital need in our community.

  – Work creatively and flexibly.

  – Build self awareness for personal and professional growth

   -positively connect with others.

   -join a community of practitioners for support and guidance.

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The amatsu Ireland training school in association with the Yorkshire training school has been established to continue high quality training in Ireland and England.
The school will provide practitioner training over two years (anma and seitai), and further post graduate study (shindenjutsu and Kenkujutsu) after practitioner status has been reached.
The school will be headed by Master Practitioner William Doolan who was awarded Menkyo Kaiden in Japan from Dr.Masaaki Hatsumi
  • Year 1 Anma (10 weekends)
  • Year 2 Seitai (10 weekends)
  • Post graduate training is usually undertaken on two day course events for Shindenjutsu and Kenkujutsu

Meet the Team


Our Teachers look forward to meeting you and with their combined experience and knowledge make learning Amatsu a life changing experience.

Paul Hand

Amatsu teacher trainer and practitioner who also has an engineering background… started at the ripe age of 19 in teaching body movement in his own town and subsequently 10 years later became the first Amatsu practitioner and teacher…

He has done a lot to promote the principles of Dr. Hatsumi both locally and internationally and continues to do so…


William Doolan

William Doolan was trained directly by Dr Masaaki Hatsumi and awarded his first teaching licence of Amatsu in 1990’s, he is recognised as one of the foremost Amatsu teachers and practitioners in the western world… He also comes from a background of many forms of body movement from a very young age.


Carole Douglas

Carole Douglas is a teacher, trainer and practitioner of Amatsu therapy and has specialised training in visceral work.

She had been heavily involved in the Amatsu world and the administration of the Amatsu association over the past 20 years…


Our Community

Paul Hand teaching seminar here in Ireland. Post graduate training.
Paul Hand teaching Amatsu to first year students assisted by Carole Douglas.
Dr Hatsumi at work showing how it’s done.
Dr Hatsumi at work and play.

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