Christine Duffy

Christine Duffy

Amatsu Practitioner

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I work primarily as an Amatsu Therapist, I have worked in the local area since 1992 and in the Sandycove Clinic since 1999.

In my job as a health practitioner, I also see myself as an educator of the people who attend my clinic. Training and teaching have always been part of my working life. I am a senior tutor of Amatsu and was teaching for 7 years retiring at the end of 2004. I was one of the founding members of the Amatsu Association in Ireland, and was education director of the UK Amatsu Association for many years. I have served as chair of FICTA (Federation Irish Complementary Therapy Associations) also chair and mananging director of FICTASkillnet a government funded education and training initiative.

As a therapy Amatsu has been and continues to be actively involved in, and welcome, Regulation of Complementary medicine. All of our members are required to do ongoing training (CPD – continuing professional development) during their professional lives, both training in Amatsu and other related education every year.

I have always been passionate about the role of complementary medicine as part of an integrated health system and during my time as Chair of FICTA and FICTASkillnet played a very public role as a representative for this growing sector. I have been interviewed on radio on the Gerry Ryan show (RTE2), Marion Finucane (RTE1), East Coast radio, also in print with Irish Examiner and Irish Times a number of times and have taken part in a TV3 series that aired in the afternoons.

I am a holistic practitioner and believe in working with the whole person. In the area of nutrition, I am certified as a Metabolic Typing Advisor, I have trained also in meditation with Deepak Chopra, done Journey Work with Brandon Bays, and am a qualified NLP practitioner, trained with Richard Bandler (creator of NLP), Paul McKenna and Michael Breen.

I truly believe it is important to keep educating ourselves and developing personally as well as professionally, we are body, mind and spirit. To be truly well is to recognise and care for all of the parts that make us a complete person.

In my previous career I started out as a programmer and systems analyst in the computer industry and was head-hunted to work for an Investment Bank where I worked mostly as a business analyst. Solving problems, refining solutions and seeing patterns it seems has always been my thing.

Glenageary Terrace, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Christine Duffy