Helen Clarke

Helen Clarke

Amatsu Practitioner

Contact: 087 9471232

Email: [email protected]

Amatsu found me before I found Amatsu. I was a patient of Billy and discovered how amazing the therapy proved to be for me personally. I wanted to learn more, so I studied at the School of Amatsu in Ireland and with Jenny and Derek. Since then I have studied with the most respected masters including William Doolan, Denis Bartrum and Bjorn Langhammer.

I qualified as an Amatsu practitioner in 2005 (Amatsu Seitei) and my work has taken me to India, the Australian outback and Europe- always learning and gaining new insights. I continue to study with William and Bjorn.

To-day I have clinics in Bray, Co. Wicklow and in Gothenberg, Sweden where I treat a range of clients that spans all age groups and includes golfers and equestrian sportspeople. Conditions which I treat include injuries resulting from sports, falls, motor accidents and repetitive strain as well as conditions such as scholiosis, asthma, sciatica, back and neck strain, digestive problems, kidney infections, stress, depression, headaches, pregnancy issues and realignment following joint replacement. I have found Amatsu to be powerful in Chemotherapy support and effective in the treatment of children with colic or sleep issues.


Little Bray, Co Dublin


Helen Clarke