Liam Hennessy

Liam Hennessy

Amatsu Practitioner

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I first met with William Doolan, Principal Teacher, Amatsu Association Ireland in 1993. William helped me recover from a long standing calf / achilles injury that had troubled me for some time. I became fascinated with Amatsu and was invited to a training evening.

From 1993 – present, i have qualified in Amatsu ( ANMA, SEITAI, SHINDEN JUTSU AND KENKU 1) under the guidance of William Doolan and Dennis Bartram. As a member of the Amatsu Association Of Ireland, i am required to undergo continous training ( CPD) workshops each year.

In 2001 i qualified as a Physical Therapist, having studied at the National Training Centre, Dublin. In 2001 i established a full-time clinic in the heart of Dublins’ northside, in Glasnevin and since that time ive seen steady growth in clients presenting for treatment, as more and more people experience the benefits of Amatsu. My clinic offers an integrated treatment philosophy, based on a total body architectural approach.

I work with adults and children trying to maintain BALANCE and alleviate PAIN. My interest lies in identifying the causative factors behind injury occurrence. This enables me to apply corrective actions needed to return you to full health. I feel both proud and fortunate to have been so lucky to have found Amatsu. I am confident in my ability to provide exceptional client care. It gives me so much pleasure to see the results Amatsu can bring, thus giving people a greater quality of life. Whether you have hurt yourself at HOME, at WORK or at SPORT, i will help you recover FASTER and minimise you chance of re-injury.

21 Willow Park Crescent, Glasnevin, Dublin 11.

Liam Hennessy