Amatsu Practitioners in Ireland and Europe


Therapy Testimonials
from Clinics

Heike Holstein is the most successful international dressage rider based in Ireland. Born in 1971 in Dublin, she has been around horses all of her life, growing up with the Kildare Pony Club. She competed in many disciplines, including show jumping and showing, before specialising in Dressage in her teens. She has represented Ireland in Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships. She has been Irish National Champion 11 times and has many wins and placings at international level. Heike has trained horses from novice level up to Grand Prix, and teaches showjumping, dressage and eventing. ‘I first encountered Amatsu in 2005 when I had a knee injury’, she says. ‘A friend directed me to Amatsu practitioner Carole Douglas who explained the principles and practices to me and after a number of treatments the injury healed completely. From then on I have always called on Carole when I sustained injuries and on every occasion Amatsu treatment has resulted in a speedy recovery. I also found Amatsu to be most beneficial to me when I was pregnant with my children. I have recommended the therapy to many of my friends, all of whom have experienced positive outcomes.’
Heike Holstein

Seán Boylan is best known as the former manager of Meath GAA Football Team, a post he held for 23 years during which the County won four All Ireland Senior Football Championships. He is the only person to be honoured as a Freeman of County Meath. Sean is also an internationally-renowned herbalist and practices at the Herbal Medicine Clinic in Dunboyne, Co. Meath. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Amatsu Association of Ireland and is an Honorary Life Member of AAI. He says that Amatsu changed his life. ‘I broke my back in four places in 1999 and after x-rays and medical treatment , I made a good recovery. A year later however I contracted a virus which attacked the four injured vertebrae and as a result I could barely move or walk. My entire muscle system seized up. The conventional medical advice was that the condition would remain until the virus ceased to be active. A friend suggested that I visit Brian Peoples, an Amatsu practitioner and the work which he did changed my life. Over a series of sessions my body began to work normally again and I returned to full health. As a herbalist I am interested in all forms of healing and I was impressed by the wealth of wisdom and knowledge from which Amatsu has emerged and the non-invasive nature of the therapy. Since my personal experience of the therapy I have referred many people to Amatsu practitioners , particularly those with stress and muscular conditions, for whom the therapy has been most effective.’
Seán Boylan

Practitioners Around Ireland

All practitioners within Amatsu clinics have received intensive training in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Aetiology, Eastern Philosophy, differential diagnosis and patient management.


Practitioners are registered with the Amatsu Association of Ireland and registered with Government controlling bodies of their country. Amatsu practitioners are required to undertake a minimum of four days professional update training per year, in order to maintain their membership with the governing body.


Registered practitioners display their annual association membership certificate in their clinics. In addition, many practitioners hold qualifications in other therapies such as Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Shiatsu, Accupuncture, Reflexology, Swedish Massage etc.